Direct Digital Print with Rollable Media

Direct digital print has become the cutting edge printing method of choice for retailers worldwide due to its consistency, color accuracy, and limited setup time, compared to traditional printing.  Nearly anything can be used as a print medium, and no additional films, plates or finishing is required.

Click below to find out more about some of our most popular rollable materials.


26-Cling Header

Clings are the perfect short term window solution for mounting graphics – they can be installed quickly and repeatedly without the need for mounting hardware, adhesives, or training. It mounts securely to any glass surface, including office and store doors, display cases and beverage coolers, and uninstalls cleanly and without residue. Clings come in clear, white or colored varieties.

Features Applications
  • Quick and easy installation
  • No adhesives
  • Store window signage
  • Cash wraps
  • Mobile window graphics
Material Specs      
Colors Prints Double Sided Roll Widths Media Thickness
Clear No 54″ 8 mil


27-Fabric Header Our printers print on a wide variety of textiles with polyester, sheer and backlit being the most popular. In its basic form, polyester is a woven and textured yarn fabric that produces extremely vibrant color and definition. It is also 100% rip-proof and has a matte, flame retardant surface. Backlit fabrics are lightweight yet durable and are finished with a protective coating to increase versatility and ink retention. 

 Features    Applications  
  • Rip resistant
  • Flame retardant
  • Matte finish
  • Indoor signs
  • Flags
  • Window displays
  • Curtains
Material Specs      
Colors Prints Double Sided Roll Widths Media Thickness
Polyester – White No 58″ 7 oz
Sheer – White No 72″ 11 mil
Backlit No 61″, 122″ 4 oz

 Floor Graphic

 Floor Graphic

Ceramic: Apply graphics to virtually any indoor or outdoor surface. For general flooring applications needing a glossy yet slip resistant surface, try our G-Floor ceramic material. With variegated texture and shallow valleys, extreme durability and self or adhesive mounting options, it is designed to work with both UV and solvent inks for maximum image protection.

Catwalk & Catwalk Clear: For short and medium term applications with moderate foot traffic, Catwalk is the material for the job. The film consists of a dimensionally stable, translucent film and a textured, non-slip surface. The reverse side is coated with a waterproof adhesive that is easily removable, even after long use, and leaves no residue. Additionally, Catwalk’s chemical and water resistance makes it a versatile option for your floor mounted graphic requirements.

Vinyl: To direct traffic, promote an event or reinforce brand identity, a 3.4 mil printable white vinyl is a great material. Similar to the materials above, these have a removable adhesive system that leaves indoor areas clean and residue free after use.

Material Specs      
Colors Prints Double Sided Roll Widths Media Thickness
White No 54″ 4 mil

Kodak Paper

Kodak Paper

For display prints with the look and feel of photographic paper, plus bright and vibrant colors with natural color tones, Kodak paper is the golden standard. Compared to other commonly-available commercial printing paper products, Kodak paper features a true matte surface, a whiter base, and increased physical durability for long lasting, beautiful graphics.

Features   Applications  
  • Look and feel of photographic paper
  • Durable, resin-coated paper base
  • Exceptional whites and vibrant colors
  • Indoor banners
  • Replacement for C-prints over 50″ wide
Material Specs      
Colors Prints Double Sided Roll Widths Media Thickness
White No 72.5″ 8.5 mil

 Kodak Backlit

 Kodak Backlit

Kodak Backlit paper is a high-quality, low-cost alternative to traditional display materials and is ideal for backlit point-of-sale displays in high-traffic applications. When removed from a light source, this material has an appearance similar to traditional photographic graphics and can be used for the same function.

Features   Applications  
  • Exceptionally durable
  • Backlit or frontlit
  • Dramatic impact even without lighting
  • Indoor graphics
  • Oversized backlit signage
Material Specs      
Colors Prints Double Sided Roll Widths Media Thickness
White No 72.5″  7 mil

Mesh Banner

Mesh Banner

Mesh banners are lightweight, durable and ideal for outdoor applications due to their permeability to wind, sound and light. Great for outdoor events or creating additional advertising space for a store front, these banners can provide bright and vivid colors for up to 5 years out in the elements. Despite narrow slit-like holes to allow 25% airflow through the material, mesh banners are ideal for close proximity or small text viewing.

Features   Applications  
  • Lighter weight compared to filled materials
  • Lower wind, sound and light resistance
  • Low glare against sunlight or flash photography
  • Available in extremely large sizes
  • Indoor / Outdoor signage
  • Sporting Events
  • Concerts, festivals
Material Specs      
Colors Prints Double Sided Roll Widths Media Thickness
White No 126″ 9 oz

Optically Clear Low Tac

Optically Clear Low Tac

Optically Clear Low Tack Polyester combines the best of both worlds for printing and mounting window graphics. It adheres securely to windows yet maintains great ink absorption and is water, tear and fade resistant. It can also be front- or reverse-printed for indoor or outdoor viewing. The graphic is fastened using a removable, residue-free, nearly invisible adhesive that allows it to be viewed through the fastening agent without obstruction. Combine this reusable material with color-fast dyes and you’ll have beautiful, vivid prints for a long time at minimal cost.

Features   Applications  
  • Clean removal, reusable
  • Water, tear and fade resistant
  • Front- or reverse-printed for inside/ outside viewing
  • Long shelf life with great visual clarity
  • Retail windows
  • Auto windows
Material Specs      
Colors Prints Double Sided Roll Widths Media Thickness
Clear No 54″, 61″ 2 mil

Vinyl (DTEC)

Vinyl DTEC

DTEC Vinyl is a monomeric PVC film coated with a permanent, transparent adhesive with superb printability and durability ideal for outdoor use. Available in gloss or matte finishes and paired with solvent or eco-solvent inks, these have an outdoor lifespan of up to 3 years. Laminates can also be added to protect the vinyl from abrasions and add additional UV protection.

Features   Applications  
  • Solvent and eco-solvent ink compatible
  • 3 Year lifespan outdoors
  • Transparent & self-adhering
  • Laminate compatible for extra protection
  • Point-of-Purchase Displays
  • Signs
  • Vehicle graphics
  • Window stickers
Material Specs      
Colors Prints Double Sided Roll Widths Media Thickness
White Yes 54″, 63″, 74″, 126″ 13 oz
White Yes 54″, 64″ 18 oz

Vinyl Removable


Removable Vinyl is best for short-term (

Features   Applications  
  • Transparent self-adhesive
  • Optimized for dye ink and inkjet printing
  • Easily removable
  • Satin or gloss finish
  • Vehicle wraps
  • Wall graphics
  • Outdoor signage
  • Window graphics
Material Specs      
Colors Prints Double Sided Roll Widths Media Thickness
White Yes 54″, 63″, 74″, 126″ 13 oz
White No 54″, 64″ 18 oz

VM-Poly 8

VM Poly 8  VM-POLYeight™ is an 8-mil polyester media composed of 50% post-consumer plastics mated to a magnetic backing plate. Excellent durability, heat resistance and effortless installation and removal make VM-POLYeight™ and the family of MagnaMedia™ products a beautiful alternative to traditionally mounted graphics.

Features   Applications  
  • Made of 30-50% post-consumer recycled soda bottles
  • Long shelf life, reusable, extremely durable
  • Heat resistant
  • Flexible media compatibility
  • Point-of-Purchase
  • In-store product signage
Name & Material Color Finish Media Thickness
VM-POLYgloss® (Polyester) White High Gloss 10 mil
VM-POLYsatin™ (Polypropylene)   Satin 11 mil
VM-POLYmatte® (Polypropylene)   Matte 14 mil
VM-POLYeight® (Polyester) White Satin 8 mil
VM-POLYfive™ (Polyester) White Satin 9 mil
VM-SYNpaper® C (Paper)   Clay 11 mil

Removable Wallpaper

Wallpaper Removable Made of woven fabric, Removable Wallpaper is ideal for covering wall imperfections and providing a textured look to direct-printed graphics. Lightweight and measuring 13-mil thick, fabric wallpapers are durable and long lasting. When paired with UV inks, your graphics will look brand new for many years to come.

Material Specs      
Colors Prints Double Sided Roll Widths Media Weight
White No 54″ 20.5 oz

Window Perf

Window Perf Window Perf, also known as Perforated Window Film, is an adhesive backed PVC vinyl perforated with a pattern of round, evenly spaced holes. When mounted on a glass surface, graphics printed onto Window Perf will display the image to viewers on the outside, but appear invisible – or resembling window tint – when viewed from the inside. For additional flexibility, this material can be mounted indoors or out, with a 2-3 year lifespan outside – thanks to a spray-on laminate to fill small holes and prevent dirt and grime from accumulating. Ideal for automobile or stationary glass applications, Window Perf is great for creating advertising space on any glass surface.

Features   Applications  
  • 2-3 year outdoor lifespan
  • Easily removable
  • Optically clear finish prevents grime buildup
  • Mounts on any glass surface
  • See-through graphic
  • Retail windows
  • Automobile windows
  • Glass signage
Material Specs      
Colors Prints Double Sided Roll Widths Media Thickness
White No 54″ 6 mil

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