Custom Projects

Looking for a custom, one-off piece for your marketing campaign? We’ve got you covered.  

Have you ever created a life size, ceiling-mounted replica of a balsa wood airplane for a trade show?  We have!  Take a look at some of the custom projects we have helped our clients with and let us know what you’ve got in mind for your next project!

Click below to see a few of our special printing projects…

 ADA Signage

 53-ADA Signage

When designing your beautiful new space, reinforce your brand with cohesive ADA signage.  Rather than simply meeting the minimum requirements for ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) signage, we make sure your Braille, engraved, photopolymer and sublimated signs are custom made to do just that.  Think of it as version 2.0 of your custom project. Whether made of acrylic, wood, anodized aluminum or something entirely new and different, we do it all!

 Textiles & Fabrics

 54-Textile Fabric-JPMS

At The Graphic Source we understand that every piece of your visual marketing campaign is the most important one because it could be your sole opportunity to make an impression on your target audience.  Increase your marketing reach beyond retail space with printed fabrics.  Designed with the same cohesive look and message of your retail campaign and with textiles in many shapes, sizes and materials, we offer no-compromise solutions to ensure each product counts.  And, with flexibility to print via dye sublimation, lithography or digital on these fabrics, we can help do it within any budget.

 Mobiles & Danglers

 55-Mobiles & Danglers WYSE Plane

Rather than compete with displays mounted at eye level, catch your audience’s attention faster and from a greater distance with ceiling-mounted mobiles and danglers.  Picture your childhood-favorite balsa wood glider grown 20 feet long and hung above your tradeshow exhibit or retail product.  Chances are a lot of people would happily take the time to walk over to your booth or display to take a closer look.  Whether your needs are for a trade show, retail space or event – a massive display or a small counter hanger – our experts guide you through the entire process to ensure your stunning product fits your taste, space, time frame and budget.  

 Vinyl Windows

 56-CPWM Vinyls

For retailers, window decals are a great opportunity to drive foot traffic and turn passersby into customers.  Make the most of it with vibrant and eye catching window decals.  Or, think outside the retail space and apply your marketing message to automobiles, buses, or anything else with a vertical and smooth surface.  With offerings that are single or multiple sided and colored, perforated to allow light pass-through or completely opaque, The Graphic Source can help you find the perfect solution for your application.

 Williams-Sonoma – Peppermint Bark Dog with Wagging Tail

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