Print Production: Backlit Graphics

Give your marketing message extra pop with backlit graphics.

With more color depth than traditional print and a self-contained lighting element to offer flexibility in many environments, it’s a cost effective and beautiful approach to traditional print.

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Duratran, also known as durable transparency, is a printable, semi-transparent plastic designed to be lit from behind to deliver highly saturated colors and a feeling of depth. You’ll likely recognize this material from its popular use in television as a background for news anchors or at bus stops showing off the latest summer blockbuster. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications, this 7 mil thick material has excellent black density and a white pigmented coating to yield even light diffusion and a resistance to tearing – making it ideal for large displays with mounting systems that require hooks or grommets.

Features   Applications  
  • High color contrast
  • Accurate color reproduction with sharp text
  • 100% compatible with electronic lighting
  • Retail graphics
  • Point-of-Purchase displays
  • Trade show
  • Fine art displays
  • Lighted wayfinding sign
Material Specs      
Colors Prints Double Sided Roll Widths Media Thickness
White No 10″, 11″, 20″ 7 mil
    24″, 30″, 40″  
    43″, 50″, 72″  



Our printers can print on a wide variety of textiles and fabrics with polyester, sheer and backlit materials being the most popular. In its basic flavor, polyester is a woven and texturized yarn fabric that produces extremely vibrant color and definition. Sheer fabric is also 100% rip-proof polyester and has a matte, flame retardant surface. Backlit fabrics are lightweight yet durable and are finished with a protective coating to increase versatility and ink retention for backlit displays.

Features   Applications  
  • Rip resistant
  • Flame retardant
  • Retail graphics
  • Menu boards
  • Point-of-purchase displays
Material Specs      
Colors Prints Double Sided Roll Widths Media Weight
White No 61″, 122″ 4 oz

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