Graphic Fixtures: Graphic Hanging Systems

The Graphic Source’s expertise travels organically beyond print production into the world of graphic fixtures, hardware and hanging systems.  Our heavy-duty graphic holders are divided into two categories: permanent and temporary.  Permanent holders are constructed from aluminum while our temporary holders are made from durable plastic.  As all graphics will need accompanying hardware for final display, learn from our experience to find the most effective products for your application.  From different shapes, attachment methods, capacity, colors, finishes and profiles, we have you covered.  Give us a call to learn more about which is the best for you.



Need a secure, sleek and reliable graphic hanging system but don’t need it to withstand rugged, everyday use year-round?  Take a look at our lightweight, fully capable temporary hanging systems.  With features including bottom feed friction fit, hinged snap to open and close, magnetic attachments and the ability to fit all types of graphic media, we’re sure to have a few options that fit your existing mounting hardware and budget.

  • Gotcha®
  • AnoQuick™
  • EasyUp Magnetic™
  • QuickGrip™
  • SlimHolder™
  • SuperSnap™
  • InFrame™
  • Swing Frame



All our permanent hanging systems are made of durable anodized aluminum for minimal maintenance and a long-lasting, clean look.  Display graphics, regardless of print media and thickness, virtually anywhere.  No matter what your existing hardware requirements for attachment, single or double sided prints, Velcro or suction cups, we have the most effective permanent system for your needs!

  • ExStream™
  • AnoGotcha™
  • AnoGrip™
  • AnoMulti™

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