Retail Signage

Retail Signage for Cost Plus World Market

You may have noticed retail signage changes in your neighborhood World Market stores over the past year. And if you haven’t, you will soon! Vibrant and catchy visual graphics are finding their way in on fabric, and even wood. Years ago, the gold standard for retail signage took the shape of temporary corrugate structures. While those are advancing in size, shape, and complexity, they are still no replacement for the beauty and elegance that a custom, permanent fixture provides.

We started the visual overhaul by restyling primary, secondary and way-finding signage out of foam. Next, we utilized overhead fabric banners to re-purpose floor space into must-visit destinations within the store. But, you’ll probably remember them best by marking where all the candy is kept. Digital printing was also cleverly utilized in many sections throughout the store. To simulate your home-shopping list in a stylish way, we printed signs that appear to be written in chalk, complete with real looking chalk dust. We also expanded this to printing directly on wood. The “Entertaining” sign is actually a brand new piece of wood. The aged colors and splintery texture are both achieved through the magic of direct digital print.

Retail signage is at the heart of what we do. We can print on anything and mount them in any way you like. The next time a project comes across your desk, challenge the known methods and seize the opportunity to create something entirely new. You might be surprised at how effective and beautiful your brainchild becomes. Then again if you do, you might also be surprised how often you’ll have to restock the candy aisle.

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