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Visual Magnetics for The Walking Company

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Like many companies in the retail industry, The Walking Company  periodically changes their store signage to maintain a fresh look throughout the year. However, they found that using paper-based graphics was becoming wasteful, expensive, and time consuming for two reasons. First, they couldn’t reuse the signs as they would get easily damaged when handled. Second, it cost additional money for professional installers each time they needed to make a change.

While the next thought may have been to go the plastic/PVC route, we instead turned to a product line made by Visual Magnetics®. Just like it sounds, their most popular solution is a magnetic surface that graphics can be mounted onto. By adding a simple additional step of mounting the paper-based cardstock to the magnetic backer, we were able to solve their problem. The end result is a vibrant yet durable medium that withstands repeated installation, handling, and storage rotations. What’s more, setup is tool-free and simple enough for store staff to do themselves. This eliminated the need for coordinating install teams to meet the new graphics packages each season. But, the best part of this system is its price point. With this new system, The Walking Company saves 35% of their original cost each time they change display signage – they were saving money over the old method within just a year.

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