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Store Wide Graphic Campaign for Friedman’s Home Improvement

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In early 2014, Friedman’s Home Improvement was opening a flagship store in Petaluma, CA. However, they had the goal of creating a new retail environment that the hardware industry has never before seen. With their architects, they designed a facility that integrated sustainability, simplicity, and beauty into the retail hardware shopping experience. While their vision of the completed space was clear, they needed help producing the detailed and stunning fixtures. 


We started by taking direction from their design team and identified all the different types of materials that were needed to bring the displays together. Some were wood, others were plastic, fabric was included, and even aluminum was slated for use. Manipulating the different materials sounds like the primary challenge, but it wasn’t – getting all of their colors to match was! A few prototypes layer, we arrived with an aisle marker sign made with an aluminum frame and dye sublimated stretch fabric as the sign.  It was gorgeous. Even better, the printed fabrics are lined with a silicone border that allowed simple and inexpensive change outs (see additional holiday images with the fabrics changed).  The next piece involved a space where store employees and shoppers could interact. These “project centers,” shared the same fabric printed displays as the primary signs, but added subtle tweaks like standoffs and brushed aluminum finishes for a different yet cohesive look. Next, we printed on brushed aluminum panels and attached them to wooden backer boards to mark secondary departments. We cut letters out of foam and metal to mark indoor and outdoor primary departments. A giant information center sign was also created using the aluminum and stretch fabric template and we tied it all together with LED-list cashier light boxes at the checkout stand. From design and fabrication through logistics and installation, we managed all aspects of the graphic fixtures. 


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