Reclaimed Wood Displays

Reclaimed Wood Displays for Williams-Sonoma

Category: POP Displays


Williams-Sonoma was looking for new ways to advance the look of their brand and identified reclaimed wood as a possible medium. The plan – to create a suite of fixtures from the material and to rollout to their top stores around the country.  The size and scope of the project was difficult.  First, they needed to find the perfect wood.  Next, they needed to have enough of the reclaimed wood to complete the initial wave of products and an additional surplus in case the rollout was extended to all stores.  Lastly, they needed to produce matching hardware to bring it all together and deliver on a tight schedule.


We scoured the country and located century-old barn wood with the exact color, feel and strength characteristics for the job. Next, we harvested, milled and constructed the fixtures into their final shapes. To complete the modern yet rustic look with the reclaimed wood fixtures, we produced custom brass handles, antiqued S-hook hangers, and hinges to hold each of the “new” six fixtures together.

As projects sometimes go, we were deep into the production process when we noticed an issue – an existing 2-tier table with permanent shelves was slated to receive a refreshed top with reclaimed wood.  However, we couldn’t slip a four-sided cover over the top of the lower tier due to the permanent construction of the piece.  To solve this, we turned the cover into a two-sided one, and secured the other two covers using embedded magnets.  It was virtually indistinguishable from the upper, four-sided topper.  Once the prototypes were assembled and approved, we completed production for the remaining 29 focus stores in just eight weeks. Lastly, we orchestrated the logistics to have all products arrive at specific times across the country to meet the install teams for an efficient and coordinated product roll-out.

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