Custom Promotional Items

Custom Promotional Items for AAA

Client: AAA Northern California, Nevada & Utah

Category: Promotional

AAA was launching an auto and home safety campaign and needed ideas for custom promotional items to bring the two together.  Their marketing team did not have a specific product in mind, but did have strict deadlines, volume, and budget requirements.

After receiving direction from AAA, we tapped our resources to review over 300,000 off-the-rack promotional items to see if they fit the bill.  We knew it had to have real life functionality and a “cool” factor, but more importantly it needed to be at a price point that allowed for 50,000+ units.  While we weren’t able to find the perfect premium, AAA was most impressed by the idea of a self-powered flashlight.  With the ability to add up to a dozen handy functions, we simply couldn’t find anything produced domestically that checked all the boxes.  So, we tapped into our overseas factories and produced it there instead.  From design, prototyping, and production to importing, shipping logistics, and final delivery, we handled it all.  In the end, we produced a beautiful, custom flashlight for AAA with the following features that arrived on time and on budget.

    • LED flashlight with wind-up generator
    • White lights for forward illumination
    • Red lights in the handle for emergency visual alert
    • 3 Light settings: emergency strobe, low, and high power modes
    • Glass breaker
    • Seat belt cutter
    • Neodymium magnets for secure mounting to car roof or door

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