AAA 49ers Blanket

Custom Promotional Item: Co-branded AAA 49ers Blanket

AAA was looking for a promotional product to generate buzz about their brand while also paying homage to the recently decommissioned Candlestick Park.  For anyone who has ever sat through a game at “The Stick”, this co-branded blanket is the perfect solution to the cold and swirling winds that the park is known for.  As a plus, it’s also a great way for the 49er faithful to show their team allegiance.  Used as an in-store premium giveaway for new membership quotes, blankets flew off the shelves faster than anticipated and generated so much buzz that some branches were running out within days!

This was an exciting project because it ran concurrently with many other marketing channels and included many different mediums.  Radio, TV, and magazine advertising campaigns spread the word of the promotion outside AAA branches, while posters, flyers, wall vinyls, acrylic raffle boxes, and employee name tags identified the promotion in-stores.  With all these moving parts, this campaign was no simple task for AAA.   We produced and coordinated logistics for over 50,000 blankets but also did the same for all in-store print and counter top displays.  While our clients don’t always utilize us for more than one service, our value shines through when we are able to take care of many of them under one roof.

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